So what is God?  One of the suggestions that I located was the creator and, ruler of the universe and, origin of all moral influence; the Supreme and, that clearly doesn’t include David Cameron and, his jumped up Tory gathering, but that’s how they see themselves, but in fact,  all that they are is a crowd of party poppers and, reprobates that are infected and visually diminished by money, that is their divinity.


They’re just selling out their sovereign state and, to any person or a group alleging to abide to their opinions, only to follow up those claims with actions opposing them.

Having said that, the cabinet ministers marriage partners have been occupied this week; they have been exchanging chit-chat with upmarket lustrous magazines.

First up was George Osborne’s wife who divulged her belongings in life that made her chirpy, which included her children, whom all got referenced, except  the gigantic imbecile she’s married to, because of course he has to be categorised as a little boy because he’s constantly throwing his toys out of his pram.


There was no mention to the miserable hubby George giving her any pleasure at all.

Francis said she enjoys getting into bed with a book, whereas George would rather get into bed with a hooker.

Francis also told the magazine that “Happiness is when I wake up just before the alarm and, I know that I have sure had enough sleep”.

Sadness for George must tiptoeing back into bed with a semi erection at silly o’clock in the morning, looking like a ferret on crack cocaine.

The honeymoon period is over and, Francis, like most of the nation must have come to the conclusion that her mate is an enormous tool who has the charm of a dinosaur, the IQ of a Gnat and, the sexual desire of a whale.

Samantha Cameron revealed that she never knows what to get Dave for Christmas, but what do you get a man that has the whole ball of wax, but this year, he’s got his mind set on a 4 Trident 2 D5 missile submarines at the price of a paltry 100 billion pounds to the tax payer and, they question why Great Britain is in debt and, why are we the tax payers still paying it back?

David Cameron said that we have to improve our deterrent because we live in a very threatening world.  The only threat to this world is the fact that David Cameron and, his lynch mob persists in treating themselves to the money they don’t have, but he likes his masterful gizmos, weapons of mass destruction, but he wouldn’t be in need of them if the government just kept their sizeable snouts out of other nations affairs, after all, why are we crusading somebody else’s fight?


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