Drug abusers are putting a price on the health service, a whacking £500,000 a year while they’re taking the heroin replacement methadone behind bars and, as well through the NHS.


This country’s health faces growing demands as the Tory party overseers make cuts on a health service that is swiftly falling flat on its face.


We not only need to put an end to this illegal use of drugs, but we as well need to teach the future breed of children about the outcomes of getting wrap up in the criminal taking part of consuming drugs and, what their side effects are and, even more so, leading to a persons death.


It was released that there is a widespread use of drugs on prescription in prisons and that health boards are in charge for the medical services in jail and, have been since 2011 and, since that time a total of £667,836 has been frittered away on methadone, that instead could have been exhausted on the NHS.


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