Richard Branson and Virgin – Virgin on the ridiculous more like!  The NHS has gone into competition and, it seems that what was formerly the spine of our culture, the NHS is presently a sick joke.


On March 27, the Health and Social Care Bill was given Royal Assent and became law, but the NHS was being sliced up even before the Queen’s signature was barely dry.

You have to salute Richard Branson and, give him a hearty pat on the back, he appears to have his finger in every pie, like a little Jack Horner, that sat in the corner because he seems to have his pound of flesh in every cranny, and crack, no one is safe from his vulturous clutches.

He is presently picking over the rich, tender flesh of the NHS, but then he likes to be recognised as a maverick, with his huggable appearance, but just because he has cuddly features does not mean that in business he is any less antagonistic.

Richard Branson is nothing more than a businessperson, with nothing more than a greedy advantage of circumstances, with a small consideration for morality and,  the ramifications to others.

The Virgin Care takeover has revealed two primary lies that have been put forward by the government.  The first was to deny that the Reform Bill symbolised any type of privatisation of the NHS.


There is no indication of a takeover by Virgin and, there is no Virgin branding on anything, all it says is NHS, but Assura Wandle is a partnership between 29 local GP practices and Virgin Care and, when I looked online to find out about them, it clearly said in black and white, that

Information from

the Care Quality Commission

This service is no longer registered with CQC


Checking national standards in hospitals,


Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) checks to see if care homes, nursing homes and home care services in England are meeting Government standards. CQC registers care services that meet the standards, inspects them to check that they continue to do so, and takes action when they don’t.

So, it allegedly appears that Richard Branson took a deliberate approach and, an uncaring approach of the situation.


It’s really about semantics, in principle the NHS will still exist for patients; they will still pay their National Insurance contributions and, access the facilities, which will still be without charge, well at least for the time being.

This is what the government means when it maintains that it will keep the NHS safe, but what it really means is that the NHS will just be an in name only logo.


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