Universal Jobmatch took the place of the Jobcentre Plus job search tool.


The service had been introduced as part of a Government campaign to help the DWP to observe the client’s jobsearch efforts.

It has quickly increased momentum since 2012 with some 460,000 businesses posting jobs and, the site receiving over 6 million searches per day, but due to employees lying to the clients, laying claim that it was obligatory to sign-up, by February 2013 there were 2 million official clients.

It’s not a requirement to register and, nameless searches can be made and, applications made straight to companies that have attached their correspondence details on the site.

Nonetheless, from 2013 Jobcentre advisers can, if giving a good reason, request on Jobseekers Allowance claimants to make use of the site by means of Jobseeker Direction.  If they decline to obey, they can be put forward for benefit sanction.


Registered clients have the choice to let DWP have admission their records and, whilst it’s not mandatory, claimants are threatened with a sanction to do so to help with their jobsearch activity and, to allow the DWP to observe the claimants movements.

Nevertheless, Universal job match is home to fake job positions that don’t exist, it’s known to authorise and sell false job ads by job agencies that are in direct contradiction of The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003 which says that publicising a job which does not exist is presently illegal.


Universal Jobmatch is a British government website where out-of-work citizens can try to find job openings.


The website has been subject to condemnation, encompassing worries over data safety and, the arrival of false job advertisement on the site and, the suitability of some job postings.


In 2012, it was stated that an advertisement for a pornographic actress and a mafia hitman had become available on the site.


Disputes have come to light because people have registered with the Universal Jobmatch and, then discover that they are preyed upon by suspicious businesses and persons with commercial drivel.

A number of their clients are young, easily influenced teenagers and, young people with learning difficulties, as well as older adults with learning difficulties who are drawn in by these organisations and false schemes, but rather of the DWP sorting out the matter, they are requesting all users to accept the contents of a disclaimer document, comprising a section that they don’t accept responsibility for loss or damage brought about by the users of the website – They should have covered perverts and pedophiles while they were at it.


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