I do agree that GPs are very overstretched, but their task is to help their patients who are sick.  Those that presently go into see their GP is because of pressure from being told that they don’t qualify to benefit any longer and, they’re under pressure because they need support from their GP, but now doctor’s they don’t want to take liability for their patient’s well-being.


It’s not just about the patient being ill, it’s about the doctor making sure that their patient doesn’t get ill in the first place, which means the doctor has a duty of care to protect their patient.


If it was a GP or Consultant at the hospital that diagnosed their patient in the first place as being sick, or disabled, then it’s their duty of care to take their patient into consideration and, to protect them till such time they are no longer their doctor, in such case as that patient changes doctors, or in the case of death, which will no doubt happen if GP’s don’t up the anti and, help their patients who they diagnosed as being sick or disabled in the first place.


If doctor’s don’t want to take responsibility for their patients any longer, then I propose they excuse themselves from being doctors and, find work in another environment, such as the London Dungeon’s.  There they wouldn’t have had to take responsibility for their patients, they could’ve just torn their entrails out and fed them to the vultures.

“Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality.”


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