The benefit cap is being presented across the nation, apparently reinstalling fairness to the welfare state, but of course it’s not in fact about rebuilding fairness to the welfare state, it’s about designing a cosmetic idea of it being a fair bureaucracy.


The benefit cap presently binds the total sum of money obtainable to social security claimants.  Total benefits paid to a single person may not presently exceed £350 per week; the maximum at hand to families (single parents and couples with children) is £500 per week, so by the time you have also paid your Under Occupancy and, extra Council Tax, and all your other bills, you have nothing to feed and clothe your children because you’re having to use their Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit to keep your head above water, or else you find yourself out on the street with no where to go.


Child Benefit is paid for the children, that is why it is worded “Child Benefit”.  Nonetheless, because of the Under Occupancy and extra Council Tax and, presently the Benefit Capping, people with families are stealing from peter to pay paul and, their children are now going without, because parents are having to use the Child Benefit money to keep afloat, or live in fear of being thrown out onto the streets.


Child Tax Credit is an entitlement on top of Child Benefit, for the good of the child, ergo why it is named Child Tax Credit, but once more this is having to be utilised to pay for other conveniences that can’t be paid for because the government are limiting every single thing.

To be sure, the government pays out around £2,500 per citizen a year on social security, £160 billion in total and, these plans are indicating to rescue around £3 per citizen a year, that’s a serious lot of reinstating fairness, based on a small amount of money.

This is solely a stunt policy invented to be the winner of attention while the government throw their toys out of their pram.  Give them something to get stirred up about and, it will only spawn them to keep doing it.



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