Tory cabinet members are trying to persuade people to get off benefit by cutting their benefits, cutting everything that they can conceivably imagine to get people back into the work place.

Nonetheless, bosses do not engage in this conclusion and, unemployment may have lowered a little, yet under-employment is growing and, real wages are falling.

Long-term unemployment is the highest in almost 20 years and, a recently developed review shows that four in five innovative jobs pays lower than £8 an hour, pushing employees back onto social security and, I’m not shocked because nearly all companies want staff on the cheap and, allegedly almost all of Iain Duncan Smith jobs aren’t even real jobs.


They’re cheaply paid, part time, short term agreements, agency work, zero hours arrangements and free of charge labour internships.  Work it may be, but a profession it is not.

Real occupations are dead in Britain and, the reality behind it is that well off, artificial, big house living, self righteous, pharisaical work till you drop and no pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith screws  the public of Britain, his game is to tear the people limb from limb and, to take a chair and, gather in the pillage of vulgar, alienating counter information.


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