George Osborne and, his fat line of coke!  The Lady and the Tramp should read the Gentleman and the Vamp.


Some would say that what he did before he became the Chancellor, especially when done in his youth should in fact have no significance, so long as he’s not doing it at this moment.  The issue now should be, is he doing it now and, should the people be questioning his integrity?

The whole situation where this is concerned has become a circus for performing beasts with Mistress Pain and gain.


It does make you think, bearing in mind, George Osborne first faced drug accusations six years ago when he was recorded with his arm round some vice girl and, he denied her claim that the line of powder on the table in front of them wasn’t cocaine – Maybe it was talcum powder!

Ms Rowe said, “He’s a Chancellor and he should tell the truth. At the end of the day if you want to make laws and rules about drug-taking, you can’t be a hypocrite, and he is.”


Moreover of course she is correct, you can’t make laws and rules about drug-taking if you’ve been there yourself and that makes him as she so accurately said, a hypocrite.

Ms Rowe also said, “I know George Osborne in a different way than the public because I knew him on a personal level”.

I hate to point this out to Ms Rowe, but his wife also knows him on a personal level and, I’m sure she could dish the dirt on him anytime she wanted to and, how much is Ms Rowe getting for this report in the paper, because it’s definitely taken her a while to bring this to the public eye, in as much as it was all meant to have taken place in the 90’s.

When she said that she knew him on a personal level, did she in fact imply she knew him on a more intimate level or are they now just hitting back at one other with virtual whips instead of real ones?



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