Boris Johnson today set in motion a healthy defence for the admission strategy at London’s largest museum which admittance is free of charge, yet after George Osborne slashed their financial plan in his spending assessment, it may be that it will in due course not be free of charge.


Free entrance to the museum brings a great deal of people, including vacationers, which aids this country financially, which would then help fill the deficit that this government keeps on about.


Free museums are a considerable advantage to this country and, it’s what sets us apart from other nations.  It’s a style of instruction and, helps educational groups on trips that parents would not ordinarily be able to provide for their children.

As a teenager living in London, I used to look forward to leaving my home with a friend when I lived in North London and, we used to stroll all the way from North London each Sunday to a different museum every weekend.

It not only kept us busy, but it also kept us out of trouble and, also extremely trim because we were getting a much required work out, although parks were a cornucopia back in the 1970’s, but things have been reorganised now and, children are not getting the exercise and, recreational motivation that they require in their everyday lives.

It’s not just a case of exercise, it’s also a case of community spirit, which we appear to have misplaced over the past 30 years or more and, to be competent enough to mingle with other people without any ambivalence.


Wherever I go I am being informed about this cut and that cut.  How many cuts are there going to be before the government don’t have anything to cut any longer because they would have annihilated everything and, obliterated the planet that we live on.


I’m not saying that every single thing should be without charge, but there are certain activities that should be unrestricted because they are the ones that produces a huge buzz.

There are a large amount of financial advantages of having complimentary admission to museums and, not only that, it’s part of our cultural history and, should consequently be given without restriction because it also brings in tourism and money from other avenues that are not without charge. 


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