A man who was proclaimed fit for work and, was taken off incapacity benefit was rushed into hospital a month after the judgment was made by Atos.


The reason for this is because medical assessments by Atos Healthcare are meant to inaccurately assess claimants as being fit for work when they’re not.


They’re not assessed in an unbiased way and, the proof for their entitlement from their GP is never put forward by the company for the utilisation of the claimant and, Atos employees were told to alter reports if they were too favourable to the claimant.

The work capability assessment is used for the government’s employment and support allowance, a benefit paid to those too ill to work.


Nonetheless, allegedly the overseers are instructed in such a way that they preempt claimants to aggregate extremely insignificant points to be eligible for ESA and, to give points unwillingly.


The man said that he told the overseer of his illnesses and problems, along with depression, dizziness, breathlessness and, lethargy, in addition to ischemic heart disease, yet after being told he was fit to go back to work he collapsed a couple of weeks after the assessment.


Clearly the assessor had disregarded all this man had told them because the approach is to train the assessors in favour of finding reasons not to give points, rather than reasons to grant points, which seemingly means that the results from the assessments are prejudice against the disabled.


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