I believe that the Shadow work and pensions secretary Liam Byrne is correct in what he stated, that there should be just one single evaluation for all health and social needs.


Nonetheless, not every individual disabled person remains disabled long term and, some do recover from their condition, but then a great deal of them don’t.  That’s why we should call on people every two years for up to five years, when after that time, they should never be called again, unless they have a long-standing or severe disability in the first place, then they should never be called.

Nevertheless, if they have recently been diagnosed, then only after two years should they be called in for a casual discussion, just to make sure that nothing has changed and, if they can’t get in for a discussion, then it should be discussed over the phone.


The discussion should be casual and, they should be asked a few questions and, not interrogated on if their circumstances has changed and, if they have not, then they should be allowed to carry on as they are, so long as a doctors certificate is sent in without exception every six months for up to five years and, no more after that.


There will always be people that will cheat the system, the same as there will always be politicians that will apparently deceive the people, it is what we do as human beings, especially if it makes us a buck or two, but that’s why we have fraud officers for inside the DWP and, when someone is caught on the fiddle, they are taken to court and, I believe that the same should be for anyone in government, when it is discovered that they are on the fiddle,  then legal action should be taken against them because it is not one rule for the people and, a supplementary law for government.

There should be no examination system.  If a person has been considered disabled by a hospital or doctor, then that should be enough to satisfy the DWP that a person is very ill, after all why would a doctor lie about one of his or her patients?


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