It’s surprising that people are allowed to get away with this example of behaviour with a view to human life.

This is about peoples private data that had been set onto a mainframe and, then put up for sale by a data destruction company that had been employed by the NHS Surrey.


I guess that the words data destruction company says it all, a company that wipes out the details from a computer, which clearly was not done in these circumstances, which means that they had no thought for anyone else that was on that computer.


You can sell anything on e bay these days, but when sensitive details about people are registered on something, then the proposition is that it should be destroyed completely, not sold onto the highest bidder.

The National Health Service is a publicly funded healthcare system of England, essentially financed through the general taxation system, which begun in 1948.


Nonetheless, its parent department is the Department of Health, which is part of government, so consequently anything that is part of government, or anyone employed by the NHS should be required to sign an Official Secrets Act, because anything that is private and confidential, where its headquarters are Whitehall, should be protected by the Official Secrets Act and, anyone working within the NHS should be required to sign and, any paraphernalia utilised and, then disregarded, should be destroyed after that.


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