This report really made me laugh when I read it this evening.


It’s excellent that a new McDonald’s has opened in Chingford and, has brought about 45 new jobs for the jobless.  What Iain Duncan Smith didn’t tell you is, that in Basildon, Essex they not long ago closed down the McDonald’s there, which had been open since 1984.


After 30 years the fast food chain McDonald’s in Basildon was pulling the plug because the store was no longer economically viable.  Does that also mean that the people who worked in there are also not economically viable?


So, the Chingford franchise just brought about 45 new jobs and, although the 40 of its employees from the Basildon division have been offered jobs at one of the other four restaurants in the area, I somehow don’t think that all four will have ability to receive all 40 employees, which means many of them would have been offered redundancy.


In essence it looks as if Iain Duncan Smith is getting more people off benefits, but in fact I know when the wool is being pulled over my eyes.


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