Lord Freud must believe that the citizens of England are really ignorant individuals, for him to state that there was no evidence between rising food bank use and, the Coalition governments welfare changes.


Anyone with an speck of savvy would perceive that there was a connection between rising food bank use and welfare changes, you definitely don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realise that; even my granddaughter who’s seven could figure that one out.

There is without doubt a break down in the welfare system, which means that families are going hungry.  The issues in this break down need to be addressed urgently before families not only go hungry, but a good deal of them will eventually expire.

Food banks are in danger of being overwhelmed and, the demand for food parcels is in explosive numbers.


One London food bank said it had been forced to write to its local job centre to object because of the rise in people attending the food bank and, that they were struggling to gather enough food to manage with that rise in demand since April.

The only reason that there’s been a rise in people attending food banks since April is because of benefit delays, sanctions and, financial difficulties connected to the bedroom tax and abolition of council tax relief.

Benefits are being suspended for foolish and illogical reasons and, also those who can’t pay for their bedroom tax and, are unable to relocate to smaller homes just because there’s not enough smaller homes to go around.

Just because the people of England are on benefits, doesn’t make them stupid, ignorant or scroungers.  The people of England aren’t foolish, they know what’s going on, it’s right in front of their eyes and, they’re not uneducated, nor do they want to live off the generosity of others, but of course it’s not generosity any longer because generosity is to give without asking for anything in return.


Now that generosity has been warped and twisted and, now because after years of giving and not receiving, the people have been lead to believe by the government that anyone who is taking without giving is a scrounger, but to give charity should be given with virtue because generosity was once widely recognised in society as a desirable trait. 


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