The term “horrific” is the only word I could use because care givers are being forced to cut back on basics, such as food and electricity because of the under occupancy law that was brought in by the tory government.


Nonetheless, this is only what I would expect from an Edwardian government because they have no empathy for the people of what was Great Britain and, I’m embarrassed to call myself British, as I am sure many other people of this society are.

We are not British any longer, especially in the manufacturing sector, which has got smaller in the last 30 years.


Bedroom Tax as the people have promptly nicknamed it, has had a negative effect on those people and families caring for the disabled, who need an extra room because now they are having to pay for the other room, which means they are having to cut back on food, electricity and heating.


It’s having a horrifying impact on families that are already trying to care for their sick and disabled relations and, the government are penalising them for being sick and disabled.

Members of the Government seemingly gave £25 million in discretionary payments to help protect care givers and disabled people when the policy was sent into orbit in April, but now it has rocketed out of control.


A great deal of disabled people have been refused discretionary payments because they are being given Disability Allowance, only DLA is not means tested, so consequently should not be taken into consideration.


There is no meaning to the definition “further financial assistance” in law, it’s up to a person to explain what it means, yet in nearly all cases a claimant is required to prove that they are incapable to meet housing costs from their available income, even though Disability Living Allowance is not listed as available income.


Disability Living Allowance is a non-taxable benefit that is meant to help disabled people with extra living costs that they have because of their disability.


Even Though there are no regulations in the Discretionary Housing Payment guidelines to stop local authorities taking into consideration DLA, they are required to take into consideration the grounds why DLA was considered in the first place.  By taking DLA into consideration when making a ruling means that they are differentiating that person or persons.

Taking Disability Living Allowance into consideration means that a local authorities decision to do so is against the law and, has complete indifference for that person or persons disabilities.


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