It appears that anyone that is anyone these days gets a knighthood and, all because they competed against somebody else playing tennis.


I must admit, I’m not a keen fan of tennis, but I did follow a portion of it and, that was only because it exceeded Eastenders!

Andy Murray, a Wimbledon hero, well I am not sure about that, especially after all that money he gets for winning.


A hero is someone who is admired for their endurance.  I guess it did take a certain amount of endurance to play a tournament like that, but bravery, no, not unless he was the faint-hearted lion in the Wizard of Oz and, his opposition was the Wicked Witch of the West!

I do take my hat off to the man though, he did work very hard to be a winner and, he merits a pat on the back for that and, also some acknowledgement and media press, but a knighthood? In the words of John McEnroe: You cannot be serious.


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