This is a fascinating subject and, I think that I have earlier to this written an article on this subject.


Politics is a riveting subject for some people and, very dull for others and, I frequently find that when I tell people I’m interested in politics that I get the cold shoulder from them and, then they vanish from sight, or change the subject.


Nonetheless, politics changes our lives and, the way that we live daily and, those people who have educated themselves in it and, have gone to University and, want to work in Parliament, there is only one thing stopping them and, that is that they cannot afford to work for free.

University students and, not just those wanting to work in Parliament, finance themselves and, as well, work part time to make ends meet and, also continue to study.


Nonetheless, there is a Catch 22 situation because they can’t get a job afterwards without practical experience and, they as well, can’t get experience without getting a job.

Unsalaried internships in Parliament are closing opportunities on people, making it very hard for them to get a job and, it also means that graduates get barred out of the political system because, as well as needing a job, even if they were willing to do it for nothing, they still have to live and, living these days is very expensive, so the chances of getting a job are very narrow.

I’m not sure if it’s just me thinking this way, but maybe we have far too many people trying to get onto the political ladder, but I’m not just talking about politics here, I’m talking about anyone that has gone to University and, then comes out and, can’t get work because they are too inexperienced.

I’m sure that politicians won’t take on trainees and, pay them because they know full well, that interns who have to work for nothing, can’t afford work for nothing unless they have mummies and daddies to foot the tab because politicians only seem to come from an elitist society.


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