This is not the first time I’ve come across this thing from G.P’s working in the Basildon and, Wickford area, although I will not identify any health centre specifically.

Three senior doctors missed a man’s brain tumour the size of a tennis ball, even though he had gone there with speech problems and, they decided to treat him with depression.



Even as a lay person I would realise that if a person was afflicted with speech problems that this could mean a number of things that could be wrong with this man.

It could have meant that he may have had a reaction to medication that he may have taken, or had a stroke, Intracranial Hematoma, a mini stroke, Brain aneurysm, Brain Infection, or finally a Brain tumour.



Nonetheless, three certified doctors diagnosed him with depression.  Not on one occasion in that four weeks could these doctors see that this man was suffering from more than depression.



Three G.P’s prescribed Chris Buckley with 20mgs of the medication called Citalopram and, sleeping tablets.  Did they  believe that they could sleep this mans brain tumour away, even when this man was almost mute, or did this signify that it made their life less challenging because that way they didn’t have to fork out for expensive medication to treat this man because Citalopram is cost-effective.


Chris Buckley even lost the use of his hand and, this should have been a huge sign that something was severely wrong in the space separating the loss of speech and, the loss of hand movement.

At this present time, the associates of Robert Frew Surgery in Wickford, Essex face no further action by the General Medical Council after unbiased specialist G.P’s gave contradictory opinions on the standard of care.

There was no standard of care and, how can it be impartial and, specialist if they were opposing findings on this mans care.



These three G.P’s evaluation of Chris Buckley fell critically beneath what should be required of a fairly accomplished G.P. and, they all failed to examine other causes of this man’s condition, instead it was just easier and cheaper to palm him off with medication for depression.


4 thoughts on “The Tumour of Ill Humour

  1. Psychogenic dismissal by default of patients with difficult to diagnose illnesses appear very common. Psychogenic explanations of physical ill health are riddled with fallacies of reasoning and obviously are extremely dangerous for patients. I discuss this problem at length in my book “Authors of our own Misfortune? The Problems with Psychogenic Explanations for Physical Illnesses”:


  2. I came across this blog whilst searching for a piece the BBC wrote..

    Thank you for writing it, and highlighting the issues we have experienced. The more people that are aware of brain tumour diagnosis and how at fault some GP’s are in their sheer ignorance, the better.

    I’m Vickie by the way, Chris Buckley’s partner. Fortunately he got a little time to spend with our son but no where near as much as he would of had or more importantly no where near the quality time it could have been, had these morons found the tumour earlier.


    1. Hello Vickie,
      I was so exceptionally happy to hear from you and, I’m extremely sorry that I never got back to you straightaway, but I have been helping my ailing mother. She’s scheduled to have open heart surgery in the next couple of weeks and, as you can imagine she’s extremely frightened, largely because of her age and, it looks as if she will be spending her 76th birthday in hospital.
      I did look through your respond very quickly, yet did not notice whom you were at first, not until I came home and sat down to dinner and, was reading through it once again.
      I’m genuinely sorry for your loss and, no one should bear the impact of losing a loved one, neither should a child grow up, not having awareness of who their father was, only merely by photographs and, additional relations telling them things regarding their flesh and blood.
      I was greatly affected by what has occurred to your partner Chris and, I’m so glad that he did get to spend some time with his son, although that is not the point. The point here, is that had the doctors performed their duty as a GP correctly in the first place, then Chris probably would have gotten to spend more time with his son, if not the rest of his life.
      I live in Basildon, so I’m more than acquainted with what the GP’s and Basildon Hospital are like and, what they get up to and, when something goes horrifically wrong, they all band together with each other when the shit hits the fan.
      Once more, I’m truly sorry for your tragic loss and if I can be of any assistance to you please let me know.
      Angie x


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