The government need to reverse this bedroom tax, or whatever they call it before it’s too late.  People are ending up in debt just because they can’t afford to pay it and, some just won’t pay it out of principle.


You can’t take blood from a stone, but the government will darn well aspire to, so long as that person’s still alive and kicking, they will take anything they can from them to make them suffer.

I’m sure they must get significant enjoyment out of taking money from people that really don’t have it and, when they don’t cough up, they just make them homeless.


Although, I was always lead to believe that the council or housing association could only get a court order if one were in breach of their tenure, such as serious anti-social behaviour, like drug -dealing, family violence and rent arrears. 

It does not say non-payment of under occupancy and, if our homes are under utilised, is that not down to the council or housing association to place us somewhere else?


After all, the council or housing association did move those people there in the first place and, if they knew the home was far too large for them, why didn’t they say no to their moving there and, put them somewhere else?

The reason that people are being put into living quarters that are notably to large for them is because the councils and housing association don’t have the space any longer and, the government know this, so then they made a decision that one had to shell out for the extra space. 

Why should we and, why should the burden be on the people, after all, it’s not our home, we rent from the the powers that be or housing associations, but of course it gives them a reason to boot them out of their living quarters that some have lived in for longer than 30 years. 

Nevertheless, it’s not about the additional rooms that people have it’s all about the money that the government will recover for those extra rooms, but what they fail to realise is this. 

If one makes a law that states a person has to pay for the other bedrooms and, then that person doesn’t have the financial structure to pay for it because the government has also decreased benefits, put up council tax and, has also told us people have to pay for extra space, then the government  need to take a gander at the figures and, then they would realise that after all these things, people just do not have the financial structure to pay for extra space.

Now we get down to the nitty gritty of everything. 

Whilst the government are rubbing their hands at the same time, believing they will rake the money in from the poor, the poor aren’t going to foot the bill because they don’t have it, which means the government won’t get the funds they thought they would – It’s not rocket science, it’s common sense.

Consequently the government have got a never-ending revolving door that’s going to whack them in the face because one cannot take what people don’t have.

Of course, you can take them to court, you can pack them off to prison, but how many people are they going to have room for in prison, when prisons are already overwhelmed with prisoners.
Besides the fact, it’s not an offence to live in your home, year after year, make that place your home, put nice things into it, bring up your children, have memories, to be told that you’re not allowed anything, it was not at any time yours, it in no way was and, it’s not at any time going to be!
Nonetheless, the elbow grease put into that home is down to the tenant, they made that home what it is, they made it nice; they made it suitable, they made a home.  They put love, sweat and tears into that home, they gave it that vital spark and; they spent money on it over time.

Who is going to make amends them for all the love, sweat, tears and money they put into it?

When they knock down a council estate and, they have to move those residents and, then those residents are given a lump sum for the trouble of moving and, it’s quite a large lump sum. 

Consequently, when they’re asking a resident to downsize, they should pay them for the trouble because after all, they fork out rent, the councils and housing associations own that property, it’s theirs, so the onus is constantly on them, not the rent payer.


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