I have in no way had to pay a visit to a food bank due to the fact that I was so poor and, I hope I never have to go to one. 

Nonetheless, I am acquainted with people that have had to go to food banks.


When I think of food banks, the picture that comes into my head is the thought of soup kitchens for the needy, which dates back to the 1700’s when religious welfare organisations first embarked on providing the poor in their neighbourhood with free food.

In the 1800’s,  the purpose of the soup kitchen was more widespread, on the other hand, by the mid 1800’s, soup kitchens were fading away due to changing ideas about poverty and public assistance.


That was back in the 1800’s, but right now we live in in 2013, where we believed that everything had changed for the better. 

Right now we appear to be sinking drastically with this executive power that we have, telling what can and cannot do, but as you see we’re not having a famine or having a great depression and, despite the fact that we may be in a financial slump we are still a fairly thriving society.


Although, we will not continue to be a growing nation if we provide support to the poor of other countries or allow new arrivals into our native land and, give them free charitable institution such as, medical care and, social housing. 

However, our government seems more worried on how to feed, medicate and house those that are not British due to the fact that they work for not as much pay and longer hours than the British people and, then they send out their child benefit that the government hand out to them, back to their extended family and, furthermore people who have been born in England have to go cap in hand to food banks, how is that right?



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