What can I say about Iain Duncan Smith, well not a lot, in fact?  What can I say about ATOS, well not a lot?


Whatever I would like to express about each of them is beside the point because that’s my personal point of view and, who in point of fact gives a damn what I believe.

However, when I listen about how the ATOS corporation is operating and, how it’s skewered against the claimant, then that gives me a right to say something.


I comprehend the doctrine of what the government were trying to do at the start.  Striving to coax out the shirkers from the workers, but now as stated by the government, everyone who is jobless is a bum and, it seems to be that the disabled are slacker than the able bodied.

ATOS is not a good system and, clearly the welfare tests are not working correctly because if they were, the public wouldn’t have gone to food banks to get through this governments cuts in benefit.

If the tests at ATOS are being staged to find people fit for work so that they can cut off their benefits, then without a doubt something is amuck within the government.


People with cancer are being sent back to work.  If you send a person back out to work who is having chemotherapy, they are open to all kinds of infection and illnesses, especially pneumonia, which can be the ultimate cause of death in itself.


The government know exactly what they’re doing, but they have no consideration for human life.  If they did, then they wouldn’t allow this to happen.

I’m aware that there are claimants who get money and, they shouldn’t, but that’s what DWP employ fraud officers for.  They have employed fraud officers for years to find out who is cheating the system, so don’t you think they already knew who was deceiving the system before, but that wasn’t good enough; they had to go one further and, pick on everyone.

Politics is a government that forms a regime.  That gives us a set of regulations or social standards and, controls its interactions within the community, which implies dictatorship.

Any dictatorship is power and, we have been dominated for many years and, we have been locked up by these invisible bars, but we can only be kept in the cages that we do not see.


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