The fact that we still have the NHS and, it’s still up and running is remarkable, in spite of the fact it needs the largest rebuild and, that can be done with the right people.


At this point in time, the NHS is in turmoil, but the trouble is the more that we protest, the more the government will use that to their advantage and say that if we’re not happy with the way things are, then maybe the NHS should go private. 

What makes them believe that going private would make it any more beneficial?

So many errors are made within the system and, people are dying because of this and, one might say that doctors are not god’s and, that is very true they are human beings, and because we are human beings; blunders are made every day and, that is very true, as well.


It’s a hospital after all and, sick people pass away daily and, patients also continue to live and, walk the earth until they’re very old.


It’s where you cross that line into believing that additional errors are made or may have been made and, letting the people believe that as well, it’s more or less like a scaremongering method so that the government can strike terror into the public through the media into believing that going down the private sector would be a better option.

The NHS marks its 65th birthday on Friday, should we leave things as they are, or should we bring the NHS into line with the 21st century?

My dad used to say, may he rest in peace.  Better the devil you do know, than the devil you don’t.  Nonetheless, what I do believe is this, when I look back on how hospitals used to be when I was growing up, everything has changed dramatically.

There is increased pressure on the NHS and, an even tighter budget and, that’s what it’s all about.  If the budget for the NHS is tighter and more inflexible, then patients will not get the care that they need and, nurses are not giving the care that used to be given back in the day because there is no driving power to support the NHS any longer; it’s all about facts and figures or lowering the expense of the NHS.


Older people are thought of as a financial pressure on the NHS spending. 

If you’re over a certain age, the statistics say that you’re not a realistic candidate for operative surgery, especially when renewing a vital body part, solely because that replacement would last longer than the patient, so why fritter away a perfectly decent replacement on a person who is not going to live longer than the organ itself.


It’s not about maintaining a human life any longer, it’s about how much money it will cost them.  If you’re a patient of 75 plus and, you need a valve replacement operation, you may not be eligible for that operation because the valve would last longer than the patient and, as a result what is the point.  It ‘s beside the point that one may live another 10-15 years with that valve replacement.


As well because that the patient is 75 plus, the death rate upon doing the surgery is higher than someone who is 55, so why would they want to waste their time and energy on some patient that may die on they’re operating table.  Nevertheless, they don’t know that they will die on the operating table, they are merely speculating that they will and, that the patient is not a financially realistic choice.


A patient’s life is at all times a realistic option when carrying out surgery and, they’re not irrelevant, whether they are 25 or 75, the fact remains that a life was saved on that operating table. 


To say that a person of 75 plus is not worth operating on is ridiculous, in that case they may as well say that a person of 25 is not worth operating on because although they will almost unquestionably survive the operation, who knows in 5-10 years time they could die of something else, does that mean they’re not a viable candidate for operative surgery because they will die of something else.  In that case why bother doing operations at all?


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