Mental Illness differs from person to person, not everyone is identical, so consequently they can’t be evaluated by a points process and, you can’t see a Mental Illness, it’s not physical.


An illness is an illness, whether you can see it or not.  If a G.P. or hospital have signed you off with a Mental Illness and, you are under the hospital, under the Mental Health Team, then obviously you have a Mental Health problem.

A doctor or hospital will not sign you off work unless you have a legitimate reason for being signed off.  I believe that if a doctor or hospital has diagnosed you with an illness, then that should be good enough, if not, why do we need doctors, we may as well have ATOS diagnose us and, give us medical care instead of our doctors.

Doctors have been here for hundreds of years, treating patients within the medical professions.  

ATOS is a French IT company, who have been assessing people with disabilities for five minutes!



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