George Osborne must undoubtedly go to bed dreaming pound signs and, wake up in the morning and, then drink pound signs because that’s all he appears to be thinking about these days.


Obviously he’s not a god fearing man because he clearly believes that he is a god.


His ambition is to purge the country of what he thinks are low lives, that sponge from the government and, then he claims to band-aid our economy.


He’s not concerned how he gets these riches, so long as he’s in the seat of authority because it’s a power game and, that’s all it is, it’s all one big game and, he’s not affected in whom he harms along the way to stardom, as long as he’s seen in the media.


He likes being the wicked chappy, in fact he celebrates it, like a hog would roll in the mud and, he is rolling in the mud, the mud of profitability.


It’s not the the low-income and, most vulnerable that are the affliction of our culture, but it’s the people in control that are the bane of our nation.  They take and, give very little back, but they make it seem as though they’re doing the impoverished and vulnerable a favour and, not only that, they are also pulling the wool over the working classes, without them even being aware of it.



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