It didn’t shock me when I read in the tabloids this morning about the scandals and, cover-ups over the deaths of patients in hospitals, specifically Morecambe Bay and Mid Staffordshire.


Does it not make people wonder what other cover-ups there have been?  I’m not saying there have been, I am just saying, could there have been?

After all, we only go by the data and facts that we’re given and, believe to be correct of those statistics and data.


I wouldn’t call it a scandal, I would call it a travesty because these poor babies and people have died.  We are talking about human lives, not some paperwork that’s been mislaid by the NHS, human beings have died, which makes it a travesty.

There is no room for error when working with patients in a hospital.  These are human beings that are in there being treated and, there is no room for clinical failures and, if this kind of clinical failure is being covered up by health regulators and, allegedly two former health ministers, then the structure of the NHS needs to be adjusted and, someone more capable needs to be running it.


That does not mean it should be privatised, because it seems that when anything goes wrong, immediately it’s privatised because the no one wants to take the blame.

Whatever is going on right now makes our health system a mockery and, Florence Nightingale would be rolling in her grave.  The system and great work that she attained is now being overwhelmed by inept people who think that they can play god with someone else’s life and, what’s more, it doesn’t seem to disconcert them and, there is no sense of right and wrong any longer.


There not only needs to be an investigation into what has been going on, but these people need to be named and, the people who have died and, the babies that have died, their families need some closure, in as much as, these people concerned should in due course be named and shamed and, their actions should have some consequence by the judicial system.    Image


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