Why does the Chancellor have to narrate a simplistic video giving an explanation of why we need the cuts, what does he deem us all deaf, dumb and blind and, if that’s the case and, he believes that, then why has he reduced all our money?


He’s informed Britain can’t spend money it doesn’t have.  Why is he telling the public, we didn’t spend the money, we didn’t get the country into financial debt, but his debt busting intentions have been afflicted with problems as the statistics manifested that the governments alleged scrounging has in point of fact grown in the last monetary year.

Mr. Osbourne was stated as saying, “My job is to bring down the deficit so this country starts living within its means.  Doing that means making tough choices”.


I can’t see Mr. Osbourne or the rest of them living inside their wherewithal, particularly when it’s been in the media about certain people in government and MP’s living above their means with two residences, nursemaids and, other little fringe benefits they pick up along the way.

Mr. Osbourne also stated, ‘We will look after those who need our help, but make sure benefits do not go up faster than wages.

When he said they would look after those who need our help, he wasn’t talking about the mainstream public, he was talking about those in his cabinet.  And of course he’s going to make certain welfare assistance doesn’t go up quicker than the mediocre salaries that some people get and, as a matter of fact I’m not sure what the average wage is because they keep moving the goal posts and, in doing so they’re baffling the public into thinking that they’re in reality doing them a favour.

By taking people’s money away from them, means that the deficit will not go down because he has failed to boost living standards and, therefore economic growth will fail to go up, but instead it will go down drastically.

If people cannot afford to buy and, spend money on things, then there will be financial collapse and, this is why he is stealing millions to pay for the cost of that economic failure, virtually like panic gain, he is panic capping from the low-income person because he now realises what a unacceptable error he has made and, cannot worm his way back from and, in due course the people will become aware of his oversight and, they will be like a lynch mob.


The government will of course say that it was an error on their part and, that they were perhaps wrong, but by that time, their time at No. 10 will be over and, then David Cameron and his mariners can then crawl back into the dirt from whence they came and, still come out of it smelling of roses, but in the meanwhile they can do whatever they want with our financial system and, then leave it for another future PM to deal with, it’s no skin off their noses.


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