We hear about government wrongdoings in the tabloids daily and, some are more fascinating than others, but this one just about beats the biscuit.

If this was about Mr. Joe Public doing the dirty on someone else, they would be sent to court for fraud and, most probably imprisoned, or at least an extremely heavy fine, all hinging on how many times they’d done this sort of thing previously.

In the governments case, they appear to be doing it all the time, they’re supposedly fibbing and, duping the figures to make the public think that they’re getting people back to work, or at least more people than is in accordance with the facts.


If the government can’t bring the true facts to the table, then obviously they can’t do the job that they were put in that position for and, should go obtain another job that they can do, because they’re looking more and more inept and, maybe the tasks that they have been given is just too much for them.

The thing is, they’ve told so many untruths, that they’re not sure which ones are in fact true and, now they’re themselves actually beginning to believe their own lie.



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