They couldn’t stretch the rules anymore than they’ve already done, except for telling people that they don’t qualify for any money and, that they’re going to open up public institutions to house the poor.


It appears that increasingly we are heading back to the 1800’s rather than of going onward and upward.


The people of Great Britain did not source the debt, the government caused the deficit by filching the excess of their resources, nevertheless we are being viewed upon like we are the lowest of the low, the plague of society.


We’re not the infestation of society and, if the powers that be believe that we are, then it’s only the way that they’ve made us, or shaped us to be, we didn’t make the unemployment and, if there were sufficient jobs to go round, don’t you imagine that the people of England would go to work?




The people of England do not like being out of work, particularly those that have children to take care of and, to have their children look up to them.  People want a purpose in life, to have some dignity and, something that they can pass on to their off spring – But where have those jobs gone?

We call it Great Britain because at one time it was a great Britain and, we were glad to be British, because this land was great.  Now it should be called the Land of Plenty, because we have plenty of everything except from anything that is British.

Why should the public suffer because of something that somebody else started?

The poor, the poor, the poor, they stand,
Wedged by the pressing of Trade’s hand,
Against an inward-opening door
That pressure tightens evermore;
They sigh a monstrous, foul-air sigh
For the outside leagues of liberty,
Where art, sweet lark, translates the sky
Into a heavenly melody.



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