Pregnancy in the 26th week.
Pregnancy in the 26th week. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not sure about them being vulnerable, but it could certainly be graded as making use of a situation, but that would be exploitation on any fully developed person, because any human being can be conditioned into thinking that a companies merchandise is essential to have when expecting a baby or about to give birth, particularly while pregnant, because all hormones are up the creek without a paddle, as all women who have borne a child would know.

You’re all up in the air, fluffy head, cotton wool for brains, not thinking straight, but everyone is an individual case, so consequently I believe it could be a violation of the law for any business agent to approach another person and, although a pregnant woman they can think for themselves, these businesses are taking the upper hand on a situation.

The NHS makes about £2.3 million a year through these deals and, I know everyone’s got to earn a living and, they should be permitted to earn a living, there is nothing erroneous about that.

However, I think that when selling their goods, that it should be publicised on their Bounty packs how much is paid by the companies and, by the NHS.  I as well believe that if a person is under the age of 18, that somebody, other than a nurse, midwife or doctor should have to sign any consent forms to say that they have consented to and, read the advertisements and, are happy to have a Bounty pack and, that should apply to anyone that is considered at ‘Risk’.


Warning letter, what they warning you about, that a business is selling their merchandise to the NHS so that they can hand out Bounty Packs?

Some of these mothers have no money and, some mothers are grateful that something is being handed out for nothing, let’s face it, you don’t get many things these days for nothing.


Everybody has to earn a living, it doesn’t matter what type it is, or what kind of company it is.  If we are worried about the young and vulnerable, then we should put an end to stands in shopping centres selling TV packages as people walk by, or when we’re walking through a grocery store purchasing food and, they’re offering free goodies to try out.  It would convey that we have to put warning markers on everything and, before we consume the food we would have to sign to say we did so at our own risk.

Does this also mean that we can’t watch TV any longer because adverts are telling us that we should buy commodities that we don’t in fact need, but it conditions us into believing that we do and, yet we pay an abundance of money for this honour to the TV licensing people.


Why would you want to pay all that money to be told by an advert that you should buy something you don’t need, but we buy it anyhow because it told us to, yet at the back of our minds we know we shouldn’t, a more economical label would be sufficient, but yet because we’ve been told by some performer on TV that we should, we still do it and, then they’ll give us testimonies by other actors telling us how good the manufactured article is and, we sit there and we’re convinced it’s true.

Or is it just another way to extract money out of businesses by taking legal action against them?  It appears that we are getting more and more like America daily.  You cannot do this because it doesn’t fall inside the regulations of this law, you can’t do that because it doesn’t fall within the jurisdiction of some other law, all because if we do, then it gives another person a means to take some other person to court and, bring an action against them, because somewhere we are continually attempting to bust somebodies arse!


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