David Cameron, IDS and George Osbourne are extremely alike to Henry the VIII, they adjust the guidelines to suit themselves.  They will hurry something through parliament that fits the bill at the time and, then when it doesn’t suit them, they will rush something else through that suits them, particularly if it gives them more assets.




Only before, when old Henry was up to no good, it was to do with the church and religion and, how he could revise it for his hierarchical advantage, but it still boils down to the same thing, only now Prime Ministers can’t say, “Off with his head!” or “Off to the gallows!”.  I’m sure that their greatest past-time was capital punishment and, amateur dramatics.  In fact, thinking about it, the whole world is full of people believing they can take a shot at the amateur dramatics, including the government, after all, it is their only one shot to fame and fortune!


Only those that are now affected are the weak, disabled, poorly, paralysed and, exhausted people of our society, but instead of saying, “Off with his head!”, it’s let’s strip them of all dignity instead.


“That’s not right”, I’ve heard people say it, “Surely they can’t do that?”, but they can and, they do and, they will, so long as the people allow it to happen.

Some people are too weak to do anything about it, some people think it will go away, some people don’t care and, some people think it’s a good thing, which one are you?

Human Dignity must be respected and protected.  The self-respect of a human being is not only a basic right, but is the foundation of your rudimentary rights.

The right to dignity and equal value is the inherent right of all human beings, as all human beings are entitled to be treated with worthiness and respect.

All self-respect appears comparatively simple, but in general, the following conditions are deemed to contravene human dignity.

Infliction of pain

Dispicable destitution

Demeaning or humiliating behaviour

Ruthless or unorthodox sanctioning

Outrageous prejudice on the foundation of sex, race or disability.

The right to life is the most fundamental human right of all.  There is a responsibility to take preventative actions, particularly to people who are vulnerable, such as people who are sick or disabled.

No one should be put through the infliction of suffering and torment, or humiliating behaviour.

Article 4 preserves one of the basic rights, keeping safe human self-respect.

No one shall be held in slavery.  No one shall be ordered to carry out forced or compulsory labour.

So, the government has once more altered the rules and, in time, they will change them again and, the wheel goes round, but they are delivering pain on those that are the most vulnerable, perhaps not bodily pain, but definitely mental pain.

They are taking away money that people depend on and, without it they cannot pay their bills, put food on the table or put clothing on their backs.  It was bad enough prior to this, but now, people are being left penniless, on the streets, having to go to food banks and, what’s more, they are are having their dignity taken away from them.

People feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, the train’s already here, it’s run them over and, who’s driving that train? – The government!


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