How many people could see this coming?

It stands to reason that if there’s not enough money to go around, then people will just help themselves, because people have to eat and, feed their families.  They’re not going to sit back and say, “It’s all right, we’ll just starve to death”.


So, law-abiding people who would not have dreamed of thieving before this government decided to take money away from them, will do anything so that they don’t go hungry and, it will not just stop at shoplifting for food, in the end everybody will get on the bandwagon and, loot anything that they can get their hands on, it will end up in a pandemic.


Rising unemployment and, changes to the benefit system and, the increased food and fuel costs are putting families under strain, so can you blame them for doing what they need to do, but something has got to be done about it, because there isn’t enough work out there for people and, their benefits are getting cut.

Of course they will all get branded hooligans and the parasites of our society, but they are just people trying to get by and, in this day and age, food banks should not be a requirement to get by, but more and more people are finding it hard to put food on the table.


Plenty of people throw food away that is not out of date, which could feed a family, but then your missing the point.  If we carry on permitting this to happen to the good people of the United Kingdom, it will become run-of-the-mill for people to go to food banks.

This is the United Kingdom (United) we should stand, or else it is no longer a (United) Kingdom.


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