In England in school, food is provided at lunch time, which is governed by both food-based and nutrient-based standards.  Also food and drink supplied in an average school lunch must meet standard set for 14 different nutrients, so I was pretty appalled to read in the news that a young boy in a school in Paignton had been declined lunch over a £1.75 outstanding debt, that unquestionably doesn’t meet the criteria set for 14 different nutrients.


Across Europe, school lunch is the foundation for boosting the nutritional intake of ALL school children, unless of course you are in debt for a meagre £1.75 .

Not only was this young boy refused lunch, but he was left in tears and extremely upset about the event and, was given an apple because the assistant felt pity for him, or else he would have gone all day with no food at all and, then this child had to do his schoolwork in those conditions.


Could a letter not have been sent home to the parent prompting him that he owed the money, instead of making this young boy go without food for the whole day that he was in school?

After all, it is the parents duty to provide, not the child who is a minor and, should not have been victimised because his father had simply forgotten.  After all, we live in a busy and complex world and, people are not unfailing, not even the school and, errors are made and, bills are occasionally left unsettled because we fail to remember, or simply have to rob peter to pay paul.  Myself, I am guilty as charged, I am continually robbing peter to pay paul, simply because my money may not have been paid on the day that the bill needs paying and, sometimes we are a day behind schedule or a few days late.


I could appreciate if the boys father had not paid his lunch bill for weeks, but over £1.75 – did they really attain anything by that little outburst, or did someone really get great pleasure out of making this young lad go without a hot meal for the rest of the school day?


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