It is completely shameful that a family should be put into bed and breakfast, but to be put into just one room with four children is no more than infestation and, could also source communicable diseases such as lice and scabies, which then makes it a health matter. Unknown

District councils have a specific legal responsibility towards homeless people. images

If any person is homeless or is threatened with being homeless, the council have an obligation to give them help and support.

Councils should be fined if they do not give people the duty of care that they warrant, particularly when there are properties out there that the councils are leaving vacant for months on end before repairing them and, putting tenants back into them, that have been left in bed and breakfast or shelters for months with very young children.

It is not only unsuitable that councils are putting people into bed and breakfast, but it is also a health risk.  Overcrowding causes diseases, which then extend to other people in the surrounding area, which will then have grounds for them to be closed down, as it would do if it were a restaurant or a large hotel. environmental_health1

A bed and breakfast accommodation is a guest house or small hotel offering sleeping accommodation and, meal in the morning, which means that it has to comply with the regulations of Environmental Health.

In fact, have Environmental Health not remarked on Environmental problems where a large amount of people are being housed in B&B because the councils are not doing their job properly?

Government practice is that B&B accommodation is appropriate for families in a crisis situation and, for no more than six weeks, although I know a great deal of people that are often left for seven weeks.

If it is government policy, then why are councils taking it upon themselves to leave people in there for longer – are they not executing an unlawful act?

If this is an illegal act, which plainly it is, or else they would not have been fined, then it should be looked into instead of being pushed under the rug and, the people or persons should be held accountable.

God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages. ~Jacques Deval


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