Having a fire service is unquestionably critical, it is a foundation of teamwork.   It is necessary because it can’t work with just a single fireman, it demands numerous firemen. images

Fire and rescue officials have a responsibility in law to encourage fire safety and react to fires and, an assortment of other urgent situations.

They assist in reducing deaths and injuries and, the overall prevalence of fire. images-1

Fire deaths in the home have halved since the 1980’s.  Since 2007 the number of accidental fire deaths in the home have stabilised at around 210 per year.

Nevertheless, fire and rescue authorities face additional problems, they need to be able to cope with the dangers of terrorism, against the necessity to cut the national deficit, which appears far more important than preserving a persons life, but Boris Johnson seems to have the need to axe Westminster fire station. Unknown

He may save £40 million, but these cost-cutting actions will mean that 500 firefighters will loose their livelihood, which also means that the response time getting to fires will be less and, more lives will be endangered.  It also means that some of those 500 firefighters will now be jobless, but nevertheless apparently more people are getting back into work – I can feel a song coming on here, “In out, in out, shake it all about”.

Boris Johnson has got it totally wrong this time and, I’m actually wondering if this was his idea at all.


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