Government spending
Government spending (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

If the government suspend minimum wages, then would it not be right in saying that employers will be able to take the out-of-work people and, pay them essentially what they want?

If they are paying them £1 or £2 an hour, would that not be slave labour? Unknown

That would also mean that we’d not be within the guidelines with living standards and, in the end the government would drain us dry and, why should we work for next to nothing, when a majority of people have worked arduously, gone to college or university to be informed that they have to take jobs that are only paying stupid money, when everybody has the right to participate in work and, to follow a freely chosen or recognised profession. Slave+Labor+(Bunting+Boy),+London,+2012

The government is taking away our civil liberties, because a right is something you may demand of someone, while a liberty is freedom from intrusion by another.

The government is taking away our freedom by hindering and, making the choices for us.  We do not get a say in this, so consequently they are taking away our civil liberties.

It is our human right for life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness, the be able to develop one’s persona to the fullest of its potentiality and, to safeguard dignity.

Our civil liberties give us rights and liberty, which means, the right to life and, security of the people, which we do not have with this government.  It also gives us the freedom of expression.

I’m expressing my desire to be listened to.


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