Whilst I don’t think it would be a good proposal to depart from the EU, because of the commerce that we have with other EU countries, I also believe that our difficulty with work is because we’re in the EU and, that other EU countries can come to England to work, therefore leaving Britons out of work.  Although, I must say at this point, I believe it was an extremely bad idea to team up with the EU in the first place, who’s bright idea was that?

Before we joined up with the EU, Great Britain had quite good trade with other countries within the EU anyhow, so who thought to go and damage that association?

If we left the EU now, I think that a lot of countries, particularly France would take considerable offence to the fact that we had left and, would not trade with us any longer and, even though they said that they would, so the story goes, they said that they would roll out the red carpet for us, but I still believe they would make it very hard for us in the long run.

I don’t believe we should continue to be in the EU, although there are a lot of good things to stay and, then there are a lot of bad things to make us think that we should come out of of it.

I think that the British public should be allowed to decide.  I also believe that the British public should be allowed to decide if we want a Prime Minister to be in control or not.  Why should we be dictated to by a leader, are we not competent enough of leading ourselves?


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