70337742 They are helping themselves to money that is obviously not theirs to take.  This money was the taxpayers money, they worked arduously for it and, it is taken by the tax man to pay for second homes and, going to the gym and, then they have the gall to take additional money off us and, tell us it’s to pay off the deficit and, then say, “We are all in this together”.

Take everyone that has fiddled the public and, make them pay it all back, including MP’s and, anybody in the cabinet.  I wager after taking all that money back, that would fill the hole in the deficit, it would unquestionably make our economy a bit more promising.

Why should they get expenses anyhow, don’t they get paid enough without the extra pleasures, but give a man half a hand and, he’ll take a whole one.  It’s called gluttony, pure and simple hunger for more, there are no other words for it.


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