English: Psilocybe Cubensis Español: Psilocybe...
English: Psilocybe Cubensis Español: Psilocybe Cubensis, mejor conocido como cucumelo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ancestry (Photo credit: John-Pa)
English: Eton College Chapel, near to Eton, Wi...
English: Eton College Chapel, near to Eton, Windsor And Maidenhead, Great Britain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seven years of cuts?  They’d have to be in power for that long, the way that things are going, will they get in at the next election?

Saying that, they’ve just got under two years to cause even more destruction on Great Britain and, what astonishes me is that they’re so delighted in what they’re doing and, in their little world of unicorns and magic mushrooms, they think they’re doing something virtuous.  It must be all that cannabis that they allegedly smoked in their Bullingdon boy days, it’s messed up their brains.

Mr Cameron admitted he’d done things when he was young that he shouldn’t have done and, that he’d been disciplined for smoking the drug while at Eton and, he’s still doing things that he shouldn’t do, pulling the wool over the publics eye’s, maybe he should be disciplined for that as well?

It makes good sense, that if they can assemble their Bullingdon society back then, then they can orchestrate their gathering of annihilation now and, they have.  I can visualise what must have been going through their heads back then, they must’ve had the idea that they could cause chaos, but instead they caused chaos on their own kind.  They might not think that everyone is evenly matched, but they are, unless of course they have different coloured blood coursing through their Bullingdon blood vessels?

But of course it’s not about blood, it’s about Ancestry, the who’s who of who and what family and, if you don’t fit in, then you don’t count and, you’re of no importance to them. 


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