The hazard symbol for carcinogenic chemicals i...
The hazard symbol for carcinogenic chemicals in the Globally Harmonized System. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe
Tasty Food Abundance in Healthy Europe (Photo credit:

It seems to be that over the years the rise in Cancer has got higher and, you ask yourself why.  A lot of older people may tell you it’s because it wasn’t talked about as much back then, or it was brushed under the carpet and, those things were a prohibited subject in front of children, while nowadays, it’s standard to chit-chat about Cancer like you were preparing next weeks shopping list.

It does make me wonder why there has been a stark rise in the number of people being diagnosed with Cancer, maybe it’s because we live longer as a country, or is it the society that we live in, and the food that we consume everyday?

Twenty-first-century food making techniques have introduced new environmental exposures to carcinogens and endocrine disrupting composites.

Even though it seems so tedious to prepare a bit to eat from scratch, it would really be easier to do that, because at least then our bodies would not be exposed to chemically treated foods.

Nowadays when we consume food, we also eat everything that the animal ate, including growth hormones, pesticides and anything else that was put on or given to an animal or plant and, I haven’t even gone into what is sprayed into the air we breathe.

What about the chemicals that they put on Apples to encourage ripening and, to lengthen its shelf life and, carcinogens are not just put in adult food, but it’s put into baby formula, cottage cheese, organic foods, soy milk, Starbucks and, the list goes on.

Look at the components that are catalogued on your shampoo bottle and, see if Sodium Laureth Sulfate, or simply SLS is on the list.  This substance is in nearly all shampoo’s that we purchase from our neighbourhood food store, because it creates a lot of foam and, it’s inexpensive to manufacture and, is a TOXIN.

Poisonous, carcinogenic chemicals are in your food containers, cleaning products, beauty products and more.

Around the world cancer has grown two fold between 1975 and 2000, and it is said to double again by 2020, and triple by 2030.

While tobacco, we know is a carcinogenic, at least it is published on the carton and, a person smokes cigarettes at their own risk.  Nevertheless, when it’s put into our food with no health warning, we don’t have that option, even though most of us know that there are toxins in the foods that we eat, but we need to eat and, the government and, the manufacturers of these foods know this, which means they have us by the short and curlies and, there are many other toxic chemicals that put you at risk of getting Cancer, there are so many of them, how do you start removing them?

Is there a law against putting carcinogens in consumer products?

There doesn’t appear to be very many, but the FDA has ordered that they be catalogued on food labels, like we are meant to know which ones are bad for you, or can they now say, “It was put on the label, so therefore you knew it was in there, you consumed the food at your own risk”, but they didn’t say it was a TOXIN!


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