Unknown I know that change can be good, but it’s not good all the time and, it can make things not stand up to par.  The trouble with the health system is, that nurses and doctors for numerous years now have been leaving the NHS to work in private health care, I see it and hear it all the time and, it has been going on for such a long time now, that our health system has gone down the pan.  My son will be 30 this year and, it’s been happening as long as that and, perhaps before.

We do not give our nurses and doctors any motivation to work.  People may say that nursing and, being a doctor is a calling in one’s life, because they are looking after and, caring for people.   Well, in that case, that is relevant to the police force, fire service and ambulance crew, they look after people on a daily basis and, without them, this country would come to a halt and, they are taken very much for granted.

If someone could give me a reason why district nurses have vanished, or why doctors do not come out to their patients any longer I would be pleased to find out, because I have no thought as to why.  Is it because there’s not enough money in the pot to pay them, or is it because they’ve seen that the grass is greener on the other side and, now all our fine doctors and nurses are working abroad because they don’t think that nursing and, being a doctor is their calling in life, but a means to an end, or is it that working privately means that they get better fringe benefits and, that they’re given more self-respect.

Either way, we need to be putting more implementations into the NHS, so that our nurses and doctors want to stay in this country and, do their job, or else we will end up with very few nurses and doctors, we also need a sweetener to make them stay.

I am sure that Jeremy Hunt can come up with a reason to make them stay, I’m sure that he’s got an extremely good imagination and, will think of something.  It’s no good saying that he’s giving the NHS 10 months to resolve the A&E crisis, that statement is preposterous, because when standing at the drawing board, you need some kind of strategy, have you got a plan Jeremy or are you going to pass the buck?


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