English: James Caan, British businessman
English: James Caan, British businessman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can James Caan think of nothing better than to campaign for better recruitment practices and does Mr. Caan have nothing better to do with his time? Does he not think there are enough people out of work without making it even harder for them, or does he want all of England to be out-of-work?

So don’t you employee one of your daughters? Pardon me, but who made you new social mobility tsar? Don’t you think it’s like “The pot calling the kettle black?”

Before you spout on about how one should do this and, one should do that, perhaps you should look a bit closer to home before you find fault with the way that people do things.

Your daughter may have gone through the “normal process” of recruitment, but we do not know what your procedure of recruitment is, it could have just been, “Yes, you are my daughter, that will do”.

I’m not calling you a fibber, nor am I hinting that your daughter did not go through the usual process of obtaining her position in your company.

Everyone has a different method of recruiting new blood to their empire and; I have referred to it as an empire because after all you are the new social mobility tsar.


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