English: NHS logo
English: NHS logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What happened to the good old fashioned NHS system where we had a Matron on each ward, making sure that every ward in the hospital ran without a hitch and, it did run smoothly; it was run like clockwork precision.

It appears to me that there are far too many CEO’s running the NHS these days, “Too many chiefs and not enough Indians” and, that is why the NHS is in upheaval because of poor preparation on the wards.

Bring Matrons back onto the ward, like we used to have and love, even though she was a stickler for regime, she got the job done and, there was never chaos on the wards when Matron was on the ward.

Of course, there should still be CEO’s to run the structure of the hospital, but back in the day, Matrons where the one’s that made sure that a hospital was run well, there was none of this poor practice back then because the Matron would not allow it.


2 thoughts on “OH MATRON!

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