Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why on earth has Victoria Beckham been awarded Woman Of The Decade?

What did she do, spew out a couple of songs with the Spice Girls, which everyone ranted over for all of the five minutes, then she married David Beckham and, popped out mini Beckhams, who will grow up and, then become famous and, so the cycle begins once more.

Spice Girl turned fashion designer made me chuckle; I bet she doesn’t put any hard work into designing those costumes, but I would imagine that somebody else makes them, that is paid a lot less money than she does and, works more hours, then she puts her name on them and, gets the crowning glory.

When asked for style tips, she said: “Dress appropriately. Dress in a way that suits you. You have to feel comfortable”. Oh dear God, what is she giving us quotes now for heavens sake?


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