This will not make any difference to the way the NHS run their departments, or how doctors and nurses function in their responsibilities. 

In fact it will make them twice as inadequate since they will feel more pressurised to do well in their performance and, to increase their level of standards, so that they can be at the top of the league tables.

If a consultant is pressured into doing better, he will obviously feel the strain and, will become exhausted and frustrated, which means that the job that he should be doing well, will in fact not be done well at all, but will be rushed.  

Coercing someone to do better is not the solution we are looking for, making their life easier is what we are looking for, making sure they are working in a happy environment and, they are happy in their job, because if we are not happy in our job, we are simply there for the money and, not for the good of the patients, who put their trust in the hands of their consultants.

We do not have enough doctors and nurses on call and, the very few that are on call, are rushed off their feet, which means that not all patients get the care that they need and, are left.

Surgery is rushed because there are not enough doctors to go round, in fact there is not enough of anything to go round.

These people are regarded as God’s and, that they can do anything and, provide anything, the thing that the government miss is that they are not God’s, they are human beings with thoughts and feelings that do the best they can with what provisions they have got.

If there is not enough staff to do that job, then things will eventually come to a halt.  

It only takes one cog on that wheel to break in the machine and, the whole machine shuts down.



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