I believe that MP’s do a very good job with the bounds of their community and, I don’t think it is a case of whether they get paid too much, it is a case that others in government get paid far to much for the work that they do, which makes it look like MP’s get paid too little.

What would a working class man’s wages be?  Well, they are working class and, they should be getting working class money, not wealthy state money.  If you work in politics, then you should be given a wage that is the same of any working class person.

As for overheads, then that should be controlled by a body of people who resolve what expenses people in parliament are entitled to and, what they have to pay out of their own income.  Travelling to work should not be graded as an additional overhead, everyone goes to work by public transport or their own car, they pay for their own parking, own petrol etc etc and, so should anybody in the political arena.  What I will say is this, those that are in the Armed Forces, should be paid much more than any MP or anyone in any political arena.  They endanger their lives everyday of the week and, face death everyday, these are the people who should be paid much much more than they do and, should be looked after way after they have left the army in cases of injury.



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