There really is no similarity; he may have been in and out of work, I can also remember being out of work for nine months, but I also had the assistance of my family and friends, but some don’t have that indulgence.

I can’t ever recall going hungry, or having to go to a food bank, or having my money penalised because I never done as I was told, or I never filled a form out properly.

I can remember quite clearly going from one job to another, but it was so effortless in those days, there were far more jobs at hand and, you could pick and choose at will, it was just never actually an issue.

Not only were there more jobs, but we were given Luncheon Vouchers towards food and, London Weighting. If I refer to those things when talking to my children, they look at me like I’m an antiquity from a different time, but it was not so long ago that these things were free and, now this is a thing of the past and, I’m sure they must have LV’s somewhere behind glass in a museum.

Not infrequently, the work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith remembers being made redundant and, facing life on the dole. Of course, most people being sent down that road are not so lucky as to be able to depend on wealthy in-laws.

If you want people to work and, work well, then you have to give them a good enough motivation to work, after all, they are going to be doing it for a very long time and, they deserve to be treated with consideration, because even though people work for a living, to buy things, clothes, provisions, niceties, they are still working to give back to the state and, what do they get for it, some MP somewhere, saying that people who retire should not get their retirement benefits unless they do unpaid work for it. They have earned the right to their pension, they have worked all of their lives and, for what? So, it’s not startling when young people hear this and, don’t see the point of working all those years for absolutely zilch, when there is no motivation to do so.


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