As much as I do not approve with migrants claiming benefits and, that there should be a clamp down, I also think that there should be a clamp down on who qualifies to free health care, although there should still be rights for those who come to visit on holiday, as we wouldn’t want anyone dying on us whilst they are staying here, but on the other hand, if they are coming over to a country that they in fact do not live in permanently, then they should have made preparations before they arrived.  I am not saying that we should not be welcoming, but I am also saying that we should not be a charity case.

If a migrant is over here, working and earning their taxes, then they should be allowed to free health care, because they are putting back into the pot.  For those that have come over here and, are not working, then they cannot just expect the people to provide for them and, if they cannot provide for themselves in times of poverty, then they should not come at all.

If they want to come for a holiday, or they want to come to work, or even if they have come over and have money to provide without working, then that is all very well and good, but if you cannot provide for yourself in your own country, don’t come over to England and, think that we will provide for you, this is not the Charity of England.

This does not make me a racial bigot, or the fact that you come from another country, it has nothing to do with that.   What it has to do with is the fact that England is a very small place in contrast to other places in the world, we are just a very small island and, although it is extremely satisfying to think people want to come to England to live, because it’s a nice place to live, or at least it was, now it is becoming invaded with people that we cannot help.  We do not have the room and, we do not have the money, it is as straightforward as that.


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