Is this really necessary?  I know that we have a pandemic of portliness, but I don’t believe that a fat suit will help a doctors patient to lose the weight.  What will help them to loose weight, is by taking junk food off the market and, replacing it with a good healthy choice, like fresh meat and vegetables.  Take away the Genetically Modified foods and, there you go, no more obesity.

If doctors and nurses do not know how to conduct oneself towards their patients, then they should go for a course in bedside manners.  There are all manner of reasons why some people are full-figured, some are because it is inherited and it runs in the family, others are portly because of medication that they take, or they cannot get any physical activity because of an illness.

When a doctor pulls hold of your tummy fat and goes, “Well, there’s your problem”, it does not give one very much inspiration and, they leave the doctors surgery feeling more inferior than they started, particularly if they have difficulties in their life where they comfort eat.

I think that before a doctor says to you that you over overweight or obese, they should be looking at the underlying problem of why they became obese in the first place, because you do not become overweight for no reason, there is always a fundamental problem.  Doctors need to be more compassionate to their patients and, find out why before labelling them a scourge on society, which is going to cost far too much to rectify.



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