The experts are calling for young people to get thinking about their future, which I was a bit miffed about, seeing as there doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel right now.

Future, what future?  Or was he merely being funny and, that should have said futuristic.

Perhaps we have got George Osbourne all wrong and, he’s not a human being like we were led to believe, but in fact a futuristic robot, but that cannot be right either, as all robots aim to please and, there is nothing pleasing about George Osbourne at all.

I think that before putting optical illusions in front of children we should be focusing on cleaning the school system up completely.

The teaching system is up the creek without a paddle and, is clearly going down the swanny rapidly and, sooner or later will hit a ravine.

As much as I love my computer and, spend many an hour in front of it, I acquired the skill of how to read and write before technology was even thought of, well perhaps it was thought of, but it didn’t exist for a long time after that and, as much as I believe it should be part of the syllabus, it should not take over the whole curriculum and, the three R’s should still come first.

Besides, while we are on this power kick of technology, would it not be fair to say that, if George Osbourne wishes this technology spurt to come about, would it not be indicative of him to maybe make sure that each family household has a computer, paid for by the government…Whoops I forgot they’re trying to save money! 


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